Franke 02

Previously known as FRF02, FRX02® and FR9455.
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The Franke 02 (previously known as FRX02® or FR9455) was the standard replacement filter cartridge for Franke filtration systems purchased before May 2011. It is also used for the FilterFlow Zurich and FilterFlow Mini taps.  Many thousands of users have benefited from the quality water it produces. The micro-porous ceramic outer shell, together with the hi-tech carbon core combine to provide superior performance across a wide range of possible waterborne contaminants, including sediment, harmful bacteria, parasites, cysts, chlorine, and lead. It is not designed for limescale removal. 

They are first and foremost health and security filters, designed to significantly reduce possible harmful waterborne contaminants. 

Calcium and magnesium, the minerals associated with limescale in water, are left intact as they are considered beneficial to health and contribute to a pleasant taste. However, if the cosmetic concern relating to limescale is your primary concern, you can switch to the Franke 05 filter. Franke 05 

We recommend that cartridges be changed every 6 months. Please bear in mind, however, that the period between cartridge replacements is not guaranteed. Everyone's water is different and in areas, with a higher level of turbidity (dirt, sediment, etc.) more frequent cartridge changes may be required.