Franke 06

Tackles hard water problems, limescale in kettles, residues on hot drinks. Replace every 3 months

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The Franke 06 is a superb alternative to the Franke 03, Franke 04 or Franke 08, if your main concern is reducing limescale and the unpleasant scum that can form on the surface of hot drinks. The Franke 06 will also reduce chlorine to improve the taste and odour of the water and heavy metals such as lead.

The Franke 06 filter cartridge incorporates the latest carbon block technology combined with ion exchange hardness reduction resin.  In addition to removing chlorine and lead the Franke 06 cartridge will also reduce the cosmetic effects associated with hard water, reducing limescale build up in the kettle and the film on the surface of hot drinks.      

Water hardness varies greatly depending upon location and your Franke 06 filter cartridge will need to be replaced at 3 - 6 monthly intervals depending upon the hardness of your water and the amount you use.   


  • Causes severe skin burns and eye damage