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Triflow Corinthian

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  • My tap has a permanent drip from the tip of its spout+

    If your Triflow tap has a constant drip from the end of its spout, it is likely that one or more of the tap valves have worn and are allowing water to pass through. The valve(s) will need replacing - it isn’t necessary to employ a plumber to do the job, anybody relatively ‘handy’ will be able to change the valves and most customers do it themselves. 

    To establish which valve needs changing you need to shut the separate water supplies off one at a time until the drip stops. It is easiest to start with the filtered inlet because you will have easy access to the shut-off valve. Shutting the water off coming in through the filter may cause the drip to stop, in which case you know it is the filter valve that needs changing. Buy replacement valves here.

  • My tap has an intermittent drip from the end of its spout+

    If there is an intermittent drip or a short-term dribble from the end of the spout, it is likely your tap’s aerator is dirty. To clean the aerator, unscrew the tip of the spout and remove the debris and built up dirt from the aerator mesh. It is best practise to clean the aerator every time the cartridge is changed. 

    Unfortunately, if you have an older Triflow (first generation) tap and cleaning doesn’t resolve the problem, you will need to purchase a replacement aerator from Triflow Concepts.

  • There is water leaking from the base of the spout of my tap+

    If your tap is dripping from the bottom of its spout – where the base meets the body – it indicates your tap’s seals have worn and that a new spout seal kit is required. These can be purchased here.  

  • Water is coming out of the filtered side of my tap when the mains hot & cold are running (OR vice versa)+

    There are seals at the base of your tap’s spout that keep its flow of filtered water separate from its flows of unfiltered hot and cold water. Over time, the seal will wear and when this happens, the filtered and unfiltered water can ‘cross track’ and mix. The water from one supply then leaves the tap through both separate outlets in the spout. Replacing your tap’s O-rings will resolve this, click here to order them.

  • I can’t open my tap’s filter housing+

    Firstly, check the water is shut off and that the filtered water has been run to release water pressure. If this does not work, it is likely there is an air blockage in the system. Re-open the water supply to the filter, turn the filtered water lever or handle to the ‘on’ position and leave it running. Now shut-off the water under the sink and the housing should open.

  • There is water trickling from the main body or head of my cartridge housing+

    Wear to the housing’s O rings can result in the housing not resealing properly.  Please note, the O ring can be difficult to see, but it is placed inside a channel inside the black cap at the top of the housing You can purchase a replacement housing O ring here.

  • There is water leaking from the green or blue inlet and outlet hoses of my cartridge housing+

    If there is water leaking from the green or blue hose where they connect to your cartridge housing this is normally due to wear and tear on the O ring inside the outlet and it will need to be replaced.

    Whilst a replacement O ring will solve the leak, if your plastic housing is very old and worn, a completely new housing might be the answer to avoid further wear and tear related issues. Click here to upgrade to a new plastic or stainless steel housing.

  • There is a leak from the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) attached to my cartridge housing+

    In older Triflow systems, the below valve is attached to reduce pressure in the system. If this valve is leaking, you will need to upgrade your filter cartridge housing, as we no longer supply this part.

    We can offer a new plastic or stainless steel housing, complete with fixtures/fittings, to connect to your tap’s existing blue and green inlet and outlet hoses. Both housing kits include a new filter cartridge. You will also need an adaptor to connect the blue hose onto the blue-handled stop valve.  

    Please note that stainless steel housings use a push-fit filter cartridges, so any spare filters you might have will no longer be compatible.

  • The fixing bracket for my housing has broken+

    You can purchase a replacement fixing bracket directly from Triflow Concepts.