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  • How to safely operate the instant hot water function+

    Position the mug or other receptacle over the outlet of the tap spout then activate the instant hot water. Gradually lower it while keeping the spout just above the surface of the water.  This is the safest way to use your tap and will prevent splashes.

  • Hot water continuously drips and sputters or steam discharges from my tap's spout+

    For safety reasons the system is designed to relieve the pressure build up in the tank directly through the tap to the outlet.

    Consequently, the occasional drip and splutter from the spout is normal. If the discharge appears excessive, first check the tubes connecting the tap to the storage tank are not kinked. If these are okay, then check the dial on the front of the heater tank. It must not be set beyond the max in the red section on the label.

    If the discharge from the spout is particularly violent disconnect the electricity supply and contact The Fresh Water Filter Company on 01603 871594.

  • The hot water flow from my tap is slow (not the instant hot water)+

    Check the Hot water pressure. A minimum of 1.5 bar pressure is required.

  • The filtered instant hot water flow from my tap seems slow+

    Generally, this indicates that the tap’s filter cartridge is clogged with contaminants and needs replacing.  You can check by operating the filtered water with no cartridge in the filter housing. 

  • The flow of filtered water has slowed to an unacceptable level inside the 6 months change period+

    The period between cartridge replacements is not guaranteed; it is an estimate based on filtering mains water of average quality. Please bear in mind that water quality varies from locality to locality and situation to situation. In areas with higher than average turbidity (particle contamination) more frequent cartridge changes may be necessary. 

  • My tap is no longer dispensing hot water+

    - Check that the electrical supply is correctly connected.

    - Check the 13amp fuse in the plug.  

    If you are still experiencing problems after completing these steps please contact The FreshWater Filter Company on 01603 871594. 

  • My hot drinks have a filmy scum on their surface+

    In hard water areas a ‘scum’ can appear on the surface of hot tea. Although unsightly it is completely harmless. The cause is related to the precipitation of calcium and magnesium in hard water regions and a reaction with the tea bag material. Changing tea bags will often remedy the problem.

    Alternatively, you can consider switching to an ‘Amber’ (Code: CD-25-PF) chlorine and limescale reduction filter cartridge which will remove the calcium and magnesium however please note this filter will need to be changed more frequently, perhaps every 2-3 months. 

  • My hot drinks have a froth on their surface+

    This is caused by a combination of the agitation of the instant hot water creating millions of tiny air bubbles, the PH of the water and the amount of oil in the teabag material.  Experimenting with different tea bags is worth a try. To reduce the problem try filling the teapot or cup with instant water before dropping the tea bag in rather than running the instant hot water directly onto the teabag or perhaps experiment with different brands of tea bag. 

  • Milky or cloudy appearance of the instant hot filtered water+

    A new filter cartridge has a significant amount of air trapped in the microporous structure of the cartridge. This will form tiny bubbles and give the water in the glass a milky appearance that will soon disperse when left to stand for a few moments. This may continue for 2 to 3 weeks until the cartridge is fully conditioned. 


  • There seem to be tiny black specks in the water+

    Tiny black specs may appear initially in the water. These are harmless particles of carbon; residues from the manufacturing process. Allow the filtered water to continue flowing for a while until they are completely flushed through.

  • Condensation is dripping from exposed copper pipes adjacent to the heater tank+

    This can be reduced by wrapping insulation around the pipes in question.